Tuesday, June 12


A FEW days ago, we experienced a powerful cyclone here in the region. It was really devastating. It's not that we're not familiar with nature's wrath as this - living in the Philippines will make you ready for very strong typhoons and storms - but still, pictures shown on the TV surprised us. The cyclone, they say, was the strongest ever to hit the region in more than 30 years. As we have seen from the damages it left to the coastal areas of Oman, the UAE, and Iran, it really was very very strong.

It was a good thing we're living in a region far from where the typhoon struck. We just experienced a little rain, with a little above normal winds during the two days that the storm lashed out in the coastal areas. We were fortunate indeed, that we were spared from the wrath of that powerful storm.

I almost forgot that June 6 was the day the kids start going to school again. Well, it was the day the cyclone unleashed its power in the region. It was during the latter part of the day that I remembered, and thus, I asked how the school went through a text message. Well, the kids said, everything went fine. River and Rain are attending school from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, while Ash, being still at the prep school, is only having a schedule of two hours - from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. The kids are enthusiastic. After two months of vacation, they will see their friends in the school and meet their teachers once again. Their mom is equally enthusiastic, asking the kids who their teachers are, as well as their advisors. (She is preparing for early gifts, maybe :D )

In three to four weeks time, we'll have our vacation and we'll see them once again. Can't wait for that to happen...