Tuesday, July 3

Photos with Friends...

Dining Outside

We had the chance to go out and have our dinner outside last night. Actually, we (Alice and I) usually do it with our friends every Wednesday evening in a small restaurant called "Blue Dragon" at the city center. We call that activity the "Wednesday Club's" weekly get-together. However, last night was a little bit different since it was only me, Alice, and one of our friends - Marilyn - that went for dinner. We had our dinner in a Turkish restaurant, I would say the most popular waterloo for young people and expats in this place. The dining-out happened because two of our friends from the business department needed to go back to the office during night time for their going-home get-together. Since there's nothing to do anyway, Alice suggested we go with them and get off at the Turkish restaurant and wait for them there until they go back to our flats again...

Anyways, the dine-out was nice. The food at Al-Masharef, as always, was superb. We ordered the "famous" grilled chicken with their specialty hommus on the side, and it was worth every second we stayed there waiting for our friends. We had a very nice dinner, talking about what we'll do in the Philippines when we get back for vacation, as well as other not so important things... the things you normally talk about when passing away time and you don't want to read a book. After "globbing" all the chicken, we drank the equally-superb cocktail juice to at least take out some of the heat you normally feel at this side of the world in summer (even during at night!). Come to think of it, it was already 9:30 in the evening and it's like it's 12noon back in the Philippines. Anyway, the heat this evening didn't do any harm with our festive mood as we drank our cocktails last night. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're going back home in a couple of days... also, it may be the fact that all work in the office are finished now and there's nothing to do but relax... either way, the feeling was very good indeed :-)

Well, after staying there for about two hours or so, our friends, and for that matter, our transport, finally arrived. We have to go back to the flat once more. Even then, for about two hours last night, we felt how good it is to be working in this region.

Sunday, July 1


It's three days before the summer break. Everybody is starting to pack his/her things for the upcoming vacation. It's the good times once again.

For me and Alice, it will be more sweet since we'll see our kids again. After 10 months of just talking to them over the phone and sending text messages, we'll see each other again - the family will be complete once more. Rain had been counting the days since last week. She always sends text messages, always telling us that there are a few days left before they go to the airport to see us. She even said it's okay to be absent in school for one day when they go to the airport to fetch us. Whenever we read those messages of her, we always have an overwhelming feeling engulfing us.

Anyways, vacation is the time to unwind... it is the time to relax. That's why we intend to do just that. Since the kids were not able to come to our place because of some problems in document processing and then due to school commitments, we promised them we'll spend the vacation in Singapore. Alice's brother Edu had been living there for more than five years already, and thus, it will be easy for us to stay there for a while. The place is also good for the children to relax and unwind also. I think it will be a good place for renewed bonding for the family.

Well, vacation is just three days away. Hope everything will be fine...