Tuesday, January 1

for us, filipino workers

while reading conrado de quiros' column this morning at the inquirer.net, i happen to pass by this part, which struck something within me, and i feel i need to repost here...

"...More than any other year, 2007 was the year of the OFW. Filipinos are now spread all over the world, working their asses off to put food on the table of the families they left behind. The impact of OFWs was dramatically felt late in the year when, alongside the free fall of the dollar OFWs brought in record remittances, pushing the exchange rate down. It's not without sublime irony that the very people who are keeping this country's head above water are half-drowning: The same flood of dollars they've brought in has shrunk their income."

"...I hope this year brings better things. But that has always lain in our hands."

happy new year again everyone!