Monday, January 9

Worry-free travel

The family will be traveling again in a few days, our first international travel in 2012. Lately, Alice and I decided it's much better, and we're enjoying more peace of mind if we have travel insurance, to make sure we're cover for contingencies, just in case (especially during travels to Europe).

Having travel insurance will ensure you will be covered when something unexpected happens during your travel break. This may be delays or cancellation of flights due to bad weather, loss of luggage, health or medical costs during your travel, or even cancellation of trip due to problems with your travel agent. Travel insurance comes in many forms such as single or multiple trip coverage, and the cost considers many factors such as age, number of days traveling, and pre-existing medical conditions.

Normally, we get our travel insurance either from the airline company itself during booking, or from our travel agent. For 'normal' coverage I usually pay about USD125 (for European trips) to cover the five members of the family. For our latest trip, I haven't purchased the travel insurance yet, as I did not find that option while booking online. I plan to go to the local agent of our airline to purchase our travel insurance in a few days.

The point here is, we better be prepared for all contingencies so that we could enjoy our travel fully.

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